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About Me

Before entering the birth world I had the privilege of working with local families for over ten years in preschool and private nanny settings.  It was through a coworker that I met my husband who was on leave from Iraq, and in 2015 we welcomed our daughter into the world!  While pregnant and during postpartum I became incredibly interested in the birth world.  It was the following summer that I started my transition from supporting families in childcare to pursuing my doula certification. 

While completing my certification I was fortunate to get hired on as a Midwife’s assistant at a local high volume birth center.  It was there that I met my mentor and began my training as a future IBCLC while assisting at births and immediate postpartum. After working alongside such amazing birth professionals for over four years I took a step back to prepare for my IBCLC exam and focused on working with families in various settings as a birth and postpartum doula as well as a breastfeeding specialist.  I'm incredibly excited and honored as a native local to hold space and provide support for Hill Country families not only as a doula, but as an IBCLC as well!

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